Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

iTunes 12.0.1:Everything you need to know

What is iTunes?

                                   iTunes is an application which was developed by Apple Inc. It is particularly developed for apple mobile phones i.e. iPhones, ipads and Mac PC's. iTunes can be used as media player for listening music, watching videos and movies and the most important thing is for mobile device management.

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

So , in this article techunveils share the full information regarding the new version of itunes 12.0.1 and how to use the itunes A complete guide for itunes begginers .The main thing we need to know is how we can use iTunes and for what purpose for the iPhones , ipads , ipods. To add music, pictures (or) videos to a iPhone or ipad through PC the only option available to any user is iTunes. With iTunes we can add music to your library, we can add movies and not the least we can add some TV shows. If we want the things like music, pictures anything in iTunes library in your iPhone the only thing is connect your iPhone to the system and just press sync option. 

itunes latest version

iTunes 12.0.1 Miniplayer

                                                If we want to do some other work and also listen to music, shuffle the songs and watch videos we can do it by simply switching to a mini player(Itunes 12.0.1). On the left top corner pressing a button with arrow down we will get some options in which switch to miniplayer will be one option. Clicking on that we will get the mini player or there is also a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M to switch to a miniplayer.

itunes 12.0.1 mini player

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know


iTunes Store: updated in latest 12.0.1

                                  iTunes(updated version 12.0.1) store is the most important thing to make iPhone or ipad or ipod more and more better. It is the same thing as what play store is for android phones and windows store is for windows phones. We will have many categories which will be available in iTunes store.

itunes updated for mac and windows

                            The different categories available in iTunes store are music, films, applications, books, podcasts and the last but not the least iTunes U. And in every category there will be a sub category. Let's see every category in detail.

Music: Music section in itunes 12.0.1

                 In this category all the users will get the availability of latest music albums, single tracks of Hollywood, Bollywood and many other languages. Not every song will be free but some might be of cost which will not be in higher range. The sub categories are top music, top albums ,top single tracks etc.  

music section in itunes

Films : With new look on itunes 12.0.1

            This category let's us download free movies and purchase movies. We can find almost all old movies and latest movies. The sub categories of this are like action & adventure, family, kids etc. We can also browse by selecting genre, by decade etc.

Applications: The one we use more on Idevices

                                  This is the best thing that will be available in iTunes(12.0.1 updated). This is shortly called as App store in which we download games for iOs devices. There is no other way to games on iOs devices except this App store. In this there will be applications based on games, newsstand, photography etc. Some will be free whereas some should be purchased.

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

Books, Podcasts & iTunes U: 

                                                                    These will not be used as the above are used by the users. We can buy some books that we want in the category books. There will be books of many years. It's the same thing with the podcasts and iTunes U. We will have many benefits with  these.

podcasts in itunes

There will be many benefits with iTunes and iTunes store and it gives us more security than any other. The latest version is different from the previous version in it's design and it was released on Oct 16th 2014.


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