Best Ways to Improve the Windows Phone Battery life

Best Ways to Improve the Windows Phone Battery life

Today Techunveils is going to share the top best ways to improve the windows phone battery life .As the name suggests the following article is mostly preferred  to be read by Windows Phone users over others. So, today I will be suggesting you guys(Windows Phone users)  5  best methods of saving windows phone battery. Well, most of the following best ways can also be applied for other users so, it's worth reading for them as well. 

1) Decrease the brightness

Of course, everyone wants to make their own phone look more brighter and sliding the tiles in a stylish manner but, it is very important that one should keep their brightness level at the lower end so that your battery can last long , and improve the performance of your windows phone fast .

2) Don't use your connectivity at useless time 

It is a common trick for all the smart phone windows users that Bluetooth and WiFi should be turned off so as to improve the Battery Life. The reason behind this is that even though you are not connected to any of the Bluetooth or WiFi devices your phone keeps searching for the one, to get connected which in turn consumes your battery. It is preferred to switch off  Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity when they are not in use.This is one of the best way to increse the battey life of your windows phone .

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3) Theme 

The following tip is officially declared by Microsoft on their website. It is important to have a Dark Background theme to your Windows mobile phone, which is helpful to improve your Battery Life.

4) Battery saver

This is common feature on almost every phone. But, not many people who are reading are aware of how this actually works. Let me help you but, here in Windows phone one should remember that this feature is beneficiary. As soon as you turned on Battery Saver some of the features of your phone gets disabled like,stops automatic receiving e-mails, stops working of live tiles, stops the apps which are in background.Once you have done this, the battery life automatically gets improved and lasts a bit more than you expected.

5)Use extra Battery Case

Battery case is a product which is available in every market at the moment. It can make your phone a double battery phone, since, a second battery can be fitted in that case. The only fault is that you have to charge a bit extra power but your phone lasts much longer with this tip.

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