How to change whatsapp icon color to other color in android smart phones

Are u struggling to change your whatsapp icon colour to other colour ? Here , the simple trick for you to change the whatsapp to other colour like red, green , purple, blue ,yellow , pink, white, whatever it may be its possible by following the simple steps that we mention over here check it out guys !! The steps are quite easy and this content is written over just to understand how to change whatsapp logo icon color to other color .Check it !


Here is the actually work that you need to done be carefully while you done this of course its easy I know u can buddy :p !

1) Just download this whatsapp+ from here( click here to download) .
2) Now, install it from your phone make sure that you need allow third party applications in your phone .
3) Now, after installing the whatsapp+ it will open but, it can't work and it display the following details !!

A) Delete the whatsapp  Install it again in order to accomplish, this follow the rules below !!

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Just follow the simple methods !!

1) If you have already whatsapp in your android phone just backup the total data !!
2) Just uninstall the whatsapp from your android phone don't worry because your data is backed up !!
3) Now, open your play store and install the  whatsapp again , I will tell you why i done this !!
4) Now, open your whatsapp and chat for 5 minutes with your friends !!
5) The , reason why you uninsatll and install again is , to change the whatsapp colour you need the new update version or new install customer in order to use that service or to change that whatsapp colour !!
6) Its time to get in to the new whatsapp , now again back up the data and delete it ! It seems to deleting and installing right ha ha don't worry now,
7) Install the whatsapp+ .apk file that you downloaded above and install it !
8) Yes ! :) u have done it almost the application  will directly redirected to your old whatsapp data and backed up within seconds !
9) Now, your data is safe !
10) you know what colour that your whatsapp+ will display its blue of course you can change the icon !!
11) That's it you almost done it !! :) 

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1) You can change the colour like yellow, blue, purple , red and so on 
2) Hide the last seen .
3) Status has been hided to unknown contacts.
4) Other contact status has been displayed or scrolling while you are in chatting with them .
5) New, plus icon has been generatd in order to use the other benefits .
6) Add , themes to look like elegant and beautiful .
7) In directlink to twitter, google+ , add beautiful widgets .

To change icon color check out this images :-

1) Just , open the whatsapp+ and click on the menu button you will save an icon representing the "PLUS" click on that icon to change the whatsapp icon color to red, blue .

change whatsapp color toother color

2) After , click on that plus icon some of the options will shown as like following image and click on the Other mods .

change whatsapp icon color to green, red, plus,cyan, pink, gray , orange, plus dark , gold ,purple , yellow, black and white colours .

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3) Now, here is the actual step takes place , just click on the launcher icon and select your favorite whatsapp icon color .

green, red, plus,cyan, pink, gray , orange, plus dark , gold ,purple , yellow, black and white colours .

4) Whatsapp+ applcation is updating at regular intervals and updating the different icon colours for the users , present version of whatsapp+ have blue, green, red, plus,cyan, pink, gray , orange, plus dark , gold ,purple , yellow, black and white colors .

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green, red, plus,cyan, pink, gray , orange, plus dark , gold ,purple , yellow, black and white colours .

How to change whatsapp icon color to other color in android smart phones How to change whatsapp icon color to other color in android smart phones How to change whatsapp icon color to other color in android smart phones red , yellow , red , pink , black , white , orange , green , blue , thick blue, cahnge con logo color logo logo color to other 

How To Increase The Width Of The Template In Blogger

Blogger is the best platform for the newbies . Most of the webmasters are now using the blogger or word press . But , once at time every blogger will shift to word press as word press will have give high end security where blogger doesn't .Some times google blogger may have rights to delete your blog if they find any illegal content , porn content , copy content or using black hat tricks to increase the traffic to your website may leads to loose your blogger account . So , what techunveils is suggesting you to is if
your are really expecting a long term result from your account you can choose word press . I know the above explanation is not related to your answer now , get in to the actual topic how to increase the Band width of the blogger template .

As , we know there are plenty of templates are available in the market. Shopping templates, technology template , movie review template , music template , video template , tutorials template . Most of the templates are not fully covered the Band width part . Some of the blogger templates are whose width are very less are beautifully designed and some are not . And , if a webmaster are really searching the fully optimized template that the width are embedded to equal part to the browser are available in very rare case with premium cost around 10$-50$ . So , if you came across with the free premium template that cost around free but the template width is not up to the mark then this content is for you ! Check out the following steps how to increase the Band width of the blogger template .

Steps : How to increase the width of the blogger template ,the following article will explains you clearly with the images , even 3rd grade student can understand this . So , if you have any doubts how to increase the Band  width of the blogger template please do comment here at the end of this post !

Step :1-Log on to blogger account ,and click on edit the template. check out the following figure.
How To Increase The Width Of The Template In Blogger

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Step:2 -Now,click on template and choose the edit html option .check out the following image .

Increase The Width Of The Template In Blogger

Step:3 -Now , click your mouse anywhere on the template .xml file and click Cntrl+F .Check out image .

increase bandwidth of the template

Step:4 -Now , Check for "Outer" in the search place and click on it . Then you can able to see the code like this in the image to increase the Band width.

Increase band width of the template in blogger

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Step:5 -Now , almost there Checking out the above code image as shown in your template . The following code has been viewed .
/* outer-wrapper */
#outer-wrapper {
margin:0px auto 40px;
overflow: hidden;

background: #FFFFFF;

Step:6 - Now , change the width of the template as with your favorite number .maximum width of the blogger template is 1280 if you go on exceed that number chances of your template may crash in other browsers like safari , opera mini .

This How can you increase the width of the template . If you have an doubts please do comment here .


Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

iTunes 12.0.1:Everything you need to know

What is iTunes?

                                   iTunes is an application which was developed by Apple Inc. It is particularly developed for apple mobile phones i.e. iPhones, ipads and Mac PC's. iTunes can be used as media player for listening music, watching videos and movies and the most important thing is for mobile device management.

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

So , in this article techunveils share the full information regarding the new version of itunes 12.0.1 and how to use the itunes A complete guide for itunes begginers .The main thing we need to know is how we can use iTunes and for what purpose for the iPhones , ipads , ipods. To add music, pictures (or) videos to a iPhone or ipad through PC the only option available to any user is iTunes. With iTunes we can add music to your library, we can add movies and not the least we can add some TV shows. If we want the things like music, pictures anything in iTunes library in your iPhone the only thing is connect your iPhone to the system and just press sync option. 

itunes latest version

iTunes 12.0.1 Miniplayer

                                                If we want to do some other work and also listen to music, shuffle the songs and watch videos we can do it by simply switching to a mini player(Itunes 12.0.1). On the left top corner pressing a button with arrow down we will get some options in which switch to miniplayer will be one option. Clicking on that we will get the mini player or there is also a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M to switch to a miniplayer.

itunes 12.0.1 mini player

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know


iTunes Store: updated in latest 12.0.1

                                  iTunes(updated version 12.0.1) store is the most important thing to make iPhone or ipad or ipod more and more better. It is the same thing as what play store is for android phones and windows store is for windows phones. We will have many categories which will be available in iTunes store.

itunes updated for mac and windows

                            The different categories available in iTunes store are music, films, applications, books, podcasts and the last but not the least iTunes U. And in every category there will be a sub category. Let's see every category in detail.

Music: Music section in itunes 12.0.1

                 In this category all the users will get the availability of latest music albums, single tracks of Hollywood, Bollywood and many other languages. Not every song will be free but some might be of cost which will not be in higher range. The sub categories are top music, top albums ,top single tracks etc.  

music section in itunes

Films : With new look on itunes 12.0.1

            This category let's us download free movies and purchase movies. We can find almost all old movies and latest movies. The sub categories of this are like action & adventure, family, kids etc. We can also browse by selecting genre, by decade etc.

Applications: The one we use more on Idevices

                                  This is the best thing that will be available in iTunes(12.0.1 updated). This is shortly called as App store in which we download games for iOs devices. There is no other way to games on iOs devices except this App store. In this there will be applications based on games, newsstand, photography etc. Some will be free whereas some should be purchased.

Latest version of Itunes - A complete guide Everything you need to know

Books, Podcasts & iTunes U: 

                                                                    These will not be used as the above are used by the users. We can buy some books that we want in the category books. There will be books of many years. It's the same thing with the podcasts and iTunes U. We will have many benefits with  these.

podcasts in itunes

There will be many benefits with iTunes and iTunes store and it gives us more security than any other. The latest version is different from the previous version in it's design and it was released on Oct 16th 2014.


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Blogger Page views Stats Not Updating-Solved


error stats in blogger
One more post on blogging buzz , Blogger page views stats not working  the problem for that is solved by some methods . So ,check out the how to over come this blogger problem . At , every point each webmaster has faced this problem where blogger stats are suddenly stop showing stats . There are several reasons why it would happen If we go on discuss them it took so much time for us to write so , check why your stats are suddenly stop showing and how to over come this.

The main reason most of the bloggers will change their template randomly this is the main reason why the blogger don't show up your stats account 

This was mostly happen some of the templates will automatically allocate your IP address  in the template and they stop tracking your stats . And , Other reason is blogger template will don't crawl by the blogger or google bot .This was mostly happen in blogger blog and they suddenly stop showing the stats and tracking page views ultimately you are messed up with the blogger . So , how to over come this check out the following steps of stats not updating in blogger blog or not working .Counts-Error


1) check in url point and type google will show up your cache previous page , if your site is already crawled and shows the exact template of what your are updated don't worry the blogger will crawl it .But , what if if cache page is not updated check it out. Remember with in the implementation of this steps blogger page views stats are not update it may take some time .counts error

2) If you are familiar with google webmaster tools , you can easily understand or check out the complete article for you how to fix blogger page views stats .

3) Log on to google webmaster tools >Add site > verify your site .

page views not updating in blogger

4) After verifying your site it will appear as like this follows ( In the following image you see my website template , when i changed to my current template my blogger stats are not working and from suddenly it drops from hundreds to zero , So , I came up with this ) count
s error

page views and counts not working

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5) Then , click on your website as it shows in the following image . Drag , to some point at left side corner you will see the crawl button .Click on that crawl button and where you see the Fetch as google , juct click on it .fix blogger

how to fix page views in blogger

6) Now , open the fetch as google , where you see as follows like

7) Now , just click on fetch "Don't enter any link in that box " . When you click on Fetch the entire website was just ready to crawl by google spiders and you can see option as submit to index , Just click on it . fix blogger stats

fix page viewsin blogger

8) After clicking on it shows two options like as follows . We recommended to go second option like crawl this URL and it's direct links . For every month it has only 10 options , The main purpose of this with in few minutes google will crawl each and every link of your blogger post and index to google as fast as you think . fix stats

Blogger Page views Stats Not Updating-Solved

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9) And , coming to first option when you done any new post and decided to look that post in google fast , we recommended first option where it has 500 crawl services for you .

Blogger Page views Stats Not Updating-Solved

That's you almost done :) 

Now , After few minutes type in URL as

Some times the template will automatically allocate your IP address and stop showing your own page views in stats . So , it you will let you know the actual page views with out using google analytics.fix error

NOTE- Even though it not showing any stats update remove some of the waste java scripts and widgets in the blogger .